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Hello and welcome to our new open source and technology site!

By Merit Open Source and Technology on October 16, 2020

Photo by Markus Spiske

Welcome to our first post on our open source and technology site! 🎉

This post isn’t much to look at, but for us it’s a big step towards giving back to the community. We’re huge fans of open source and want to be sure we’re contributing whenever we can.

As this site grows we hope to share what we know/learn working with things like:

This entire site is open source

As a start, this entire site is open source and MIT-licensed! It was built using gatsby-starter-blog along with Bulma and Font Awesome and uses GitHub Actions for automatic builds and GitHub Pages for hosting.

If you find something we should change or would like to contribute please open an issue or submit a pull request.

If you have questions about contributing please check out CONTRIBUTING.md.

Stay tuned!

For the folks that use RSS we have an RSS feed for this site and for everyone else…check back soon?

We’ve got several ideas for posts and we’re committed to getting them out as soon as we can.

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